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Social marketing is not a one trick pony, what works for some may not work for everyone. We have designed solutions that can be used standalone or use all of them interactively, let us help you reach your social marketing goal.

Selfie Cam

Your Branded Photo capture App

Take branded selfies at your events

Using the popularity of Selfies, with your Branded App take your guests moments and share them on social media platforms.  Use branded selfies to promote, engage and increase lead generation.

With your Selfie App you can achieve all this:

  • Branded App
  • Capture Emails
  • Fun and Interactive Photo booth
  • Branded Photos
  • Social sharing right on the app
  • Integration with Sociallifts Wall and Hub
  • Mobile photo booth

Social Wall

Display your Social Feed Live

Display your social feeds anywhere with a screen.

Display your social media on any screen to increase engagement and bring social experience to live audiences.

Social Wall increases the social experience in many ways:

  • Branded to your event
  • Make your Guest Feel like VIP on big screen
  • Use it to highlight Sponsors
  • Sell space on screen to make money
  • Social Wall in office keeps everyone involved
  • Social Wall in retail window brings in customers

Social Hub

Your Social Feed on the Web

All Social Action, All on your Site

With Social Hub all you content from social channels is in one place.  Your fans no longer have to go to multiple sites to connect with you.  Keep your fans on your website.

Social Hub has many uses for every industry:

  • All your Social Channels on your website
  • Filter by Hashtags
  • Run Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Integrate ads within Social hub
  • Highlight Sponsors within Social Hub

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